Monday, November 08, 2004

Sorry i havent posted as i should

Ok so this is why i havent posted in a while: I had a post that i created for ASKMADDEN but the stupid blogger system deleted it bc of an error that occured. so here goes my post

This weekend was quite interesting. Darin stayed until saturday morning and we went out friday night to Bogies. It was probably one of the most fun nights that i have spent out since ive gone to college. It was very fun, and we (Kevin, Darin, Andrew, and myself) enjoyed probably the best drink known to man... it tasted like a combination of Ocean Spray's Cranapple and Snapple Apple. It was Madd good. We went out at around 5pm (the start of happy hour) and a lot of people left at a little after 10pm(the end of happy hour). By the end of the night almost all my rugby team had showed up as well. It was really cool. I then stayed up until about 3am after going into my friend, Dave's room to watch "Bowling for Columbine".

Saturday was really fun... I went exploring in downtown bc since i have been here i havent seen "the egg" or any of the government buildings, so i decided to go down there and take a look. Since none of my friends were willing to make the trek i grabbed my cd player and a bottle of water and headed to the busstop. I spent about 4-5 hours just walking around and sitting in parks and such. It was really fun. I enjoy it a lot better than just sitting in my room and doing nothing. It was quite entertaining. I sat in this one park where i watched a doggie chase squirrels for almost an hour. Then going on to the night. Dave comes into my room drunk and asks, "Do you guys wanna do something? Watch a movie? Order some pizza?" I died laughing. it was soo funny. So adam and i watch family guy with dave in his room for a while. Then Dave passed out on his bed, so adam and i left, covering him with his jacket before we left. Then 2 hours later at 4am his roommate rob comes in and i see him in the hallway, so i had to go outside and kick my rugby ball around with him, and then we ate some food and chatted. I didnt get to go to bed till after 5:30am I really need to stop that.

On to today, i wake up at 2:30pm and then at 3:30 i hop on a bus, go downtown and walk around for about an hour ------> I like going downtown :) so then i come back and eat with kevin, watch some penn and teller. Talk to the girl of my dreams for a good 2hrs. And then Watched some more penn adn teller here, now im watching the History Channel about Alexander the great. I love the history channel.

p.s. I can't wait to go home on friday.. After my goddamn Chemistry test