Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Such Bullshit!!!

I would like to say to America that, YOU SUCK!!! I can't believe that this fucking asshole got elected to another term. Its Fucking ridiculous. He opposes rights that the people themselves should make. He has no right to tell someone who they can/cannot marry, what a woman can do to her body, or slowly but surely make Americans less educated so that in 4 years another conservative shithead can be elected to the presidency.

On a side note i thought that Will Ferrel was quite funny on this site...

Well at least comedians will not have a problem with material over the course of the next four years, since its almost a guarantee that he will fuck up.

Oh and some guy came into my Bio lecture which consists of about 500 people, yells "FUCK BUSH, BUSH ISNT MY FUCKING PRESIDENT!!!! EVERYONE WHO'S WITH ME COME OUT AND SHOW IT!!!" and after that my lecture finished up and everyone left, so the guy must have been very proud of himself that 500 people listened to him, or so he thought. The Green Party people are demonstrating on the podium, and the saddest thing happened today..... they were emptying the fountains. I dont wanna go to school here anymore. Well until spring. Then they come back on and all will be well.