Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'm an Aquarius.

Well hello there everyone. Hope everything went well this weekend, if you were in the play, you know it did. Excellent job, it was an awesome production. I attended all three performances, and I can say that all three of them were very entertaining. Good job to all the people who had lead parts: (alphabetically) Ally, Billy, Joefi, Johnny Mac, Liz, Nici Pags, Ricky, and Ruthie. And Congratulations to all that were involved with the show in any way.

Besides seeing the play this weekend, I also saw a movie which is probably, as I see it, THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!! That movie would be POLAR EXPRESS it was phenomenal. I recommend that everyone, stop what you are doing….
1. Go to the nearest vehicle (if it’s yours skip the next two steps)
2. Break in
3. Hot wire it
4. Drive to the nearest theater
5. Purchase tickets/muscle your way into the movie
6. ENJOY!!!
7. Avoid getting arrested, because WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!?!?!?!?!

Well in other events I had a very exciting dream the other day, which I will now share with you:
Chris, my roommate, and myself were just wandering around, when we found this wall. We climbed up it, only to discover that it is the beginning of the Great Wall of China! So seeing as it is such a popular and unique spot, I ask Chris to take a picture of me with the camera he is holding. But he won’t, he wants to take a picture of some hill out in the distance, which is really stupid, all it has on it is grass. I look at the camera, a mainly white disposable from A&P and see that it has my name on it, and Chris refuses to give it to me. So then I run a little down the wall, and upon my return Chris morphs into Joefi. So Joefi and myself go off running through a parking lot, because we’re cool like that. And Johnny Mac, is at the end of the Parking Lot, at the top of this hill, and he goes, “Come this way” So we slide down the hill, consisting mainly of gravel, which is wicked awesome, only to come to a large lake. We look around, and Liz is already down there and says, “What took you guys so long?” We then proceeded to walk around the lake, and some spooky old lady comes up to us and tells us to, “be wary of the lake, for a pirate buried his treasure in it” -----Now I know what you are thinking, “What sorta stupid ass pirate buries treasure in a LAKE????” just remember that this is a dream and not reality, and it will seem really really cool. Anywho the group walks around the lake and we come upon a few row boats with outboard motors, which we think belong to the pirate so we leave them alone. We see a fury of bubbles rising from the lake, and we assume that that is where the buried treasure is, because everyone knows that treasure needs air to breathe. And so my story was concluded because it just cut scenes to a different situation.

So in closing to Joefi, Tell NYU that you are a treasure hunter and I’m sure that you will have no problems getting in. Goodnight.