Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Shiver Me Timbers

Why hello there everyone. Hopefully everyone is doing well since I last updated, I sure know that you have aged. Well as most everyone who attends college I had this Thanksgiving break off. But I started it early, not attending classes on mon or Tuesday. But it was exciting starting the previous Friday, with a trip to the TURNING STONE casino. Much MUCH Fun. It was really cool. Steve came up with Adam’s car and those two plus Kevin Talgo and myself took off for an evening full of hope and ambition. We each had our own individual adventure, with Kevin and myself returning with more money than we left with ;) blackjack

Then Sat. I had another day to add to my wonderful vacation. I went with my cousin Jay to Poughkeepsie, for a FIGHT NIGHT!!! It was soo awesome. It was an ultimate testosterone fest. There are few things more manly than drinking beer and watching people duke it out in a ring. It was HARDCORE. There were only 2 fights that I didn’t enjoy, a female fight, and the final fight of the night with two amateurs. But besides that, it was an amazing night.

Sun. I took the bus home which was pretty cool, because I was driven there by a cabbie who kept calling me “brotha man” it was funny. And then on the ride home I played ROME TOTAL WAR which of course is the best game in the world.

Monday was alright, but just a passing day, from what I recall. Tuesday was really good though. Liz took me to go see a play called “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” It was excellent, and I enjoyed it very much (thanks again babe).

Thursday of course was Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful time and has many things to be thankful about, because I am thankful for many things, Especially all the people in my life who are important to me and all those who have had an impact on my life at one point or another.

Then Friday I went shopping with my mother and scott at 5:30am and got my Christmas present, a black suit. I like suits, and im soo happy that im gonna get one. Then Liz and myself went up to my grandma’s house and picked up sticks.
Sat. I saw THE INCREDIBLES with scott and Liz, and saw Steve and Jenny at the mall. Which was a pleasant surprise.

Then Sunday I arrived back up here late in the evening, after shopping with Liz, Her mother, her brother, and Val. Which was quite fun and entertaining. Well, Everyone enjoy their week.