Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Sometimes i wonder why people must suffer

Hello all. I hope everyone in the NYS area enjoyed the wonderful snowfall that happened today. Up here in Albany we got about 2 inches or so that stuck. This weekend was very interesting. Especially Sat. I originally thought that my weekend would be ruined by having to watch my little brother, but thanks to some quick thinking on my mom's part, he was sleeping over his friends house instead of me being under sibling house arrest.
So continuing on I arrived home around 5pm or so which was just enough time to make Liz's party at a fashionably late time of 6pm after i had to iron my clothes, shower, and get my mode of transportation [my grandfathers 1984 Delta Oldsmobile, a massive boat of a car]. So i got myself prepared and headed off. Surprising everyone with my fashion (hence the reason i was fashionably late). Everyone looked snazzy with their eveningwear, ;) very sharp, if i do say so myself.
The weirdest thing happened after i had come back from my grandparents house where i took care of a dog: I took a puff of my inhaler (nothing new) felt lightheaded and then passed out, like i fell back in the middle of the road, and hit my head and everything. It was such a weird feeling, it initially felt like a dream and then my head started to hurt. Luckily no cars were driving on her road, and noone was around to see me. I felt better later that night when i got back into the swing of things, and was completely myself about an hour later, with no problems. The night was very fun, with Fondue for everyone and smiles and music all around.
Then Sunday Liz and I went for a short hike and then later that night i bailed out on church to spend 45 more minutes with her before I left.
p.s. good luck to all with the upcoming finals