Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Back By Popular Complaints

So anyway, I guess that I should really update, the reason that I stopped was bc i got back with askmadden, and I was also just Annoyed by no commenting, so i waited until there were suffecient comments to write a return post.
Well this week has been very eventful. I disected a pig fetus in bio lab. It was very interesting, and I was told by my TA that I should go to med school to become a surgeon, because i had the "best disection that (she's) seen ever" It made my face red.
Rugby practices started back up, which are more of an annoyance, but since i've been lifting before them, I feel like I accomplish something. Today we had to do over 200 pushups- not all at once, but still. After doing like 100 my arms were dead, but I was doing better than most the guys on the team were.
Well I hope that all is well and if you wish for me to continue posting, (like wingnight) Comment on what you would like me to write about, and just plain out comment.