Sunday, October 31, 2004


HEy everyone, hope the weekend is finishing off right. I had my last rugby deal of the season yesterday. It was a tounament downtown, that was my teams tourney. I had to get up at 7:40 to catch a ride to go downtown. I didnt play, but it was fun to watch. It was played at "Lincoln Park" it was sooo awesome. All the games were good. My coach broke his nose, bc he plays on a team called the Albany Knickerbockers, which is an adult team. They played at the tourney, and our A side played right after them so he came over to the team, and his nose was crooked and bleeding. Its soo hardcore, there was a fight almost everygame, and at least one very good cheap shot. In the first game a guy on my team deliberately kneed some kid in the face, HARDCORE!!! and then when we played Siena some huge black guy tried to play the ball when he was on the ground, which is illegal, so a guy on my team stomped on his chest with cleats. I cant wait for the spring season.. Im gonna get soo ripped and then tear shit up.
I left the tournament a game early, bc i wanted to get a little sleep b4 Steve and Jenny came up, so i decided i would take the bus, so i walked around downtown, and i really like it, i wanna spend a whole day just walking around, bc its nice to get off campus and there are lots of things that i wanna see. Its a nice city. I took the bus home and when the bus driver switched shifts, the new one, which was really pissed off at the bus that she got, gave me a homemade chocolate lolipop, which was nice of her, and delicious. So then Steve and Jenny came up, we were gonna go to a house party, but my boy, Dave, called me and said that he went by about 6 houses and they were madd sketchy so i didnt want to bring Jenny to them. So instead Adam downloaded "SAW", which is THE MOST FUCKED UP MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN. There aren't enough words to describe how fucked up it is. Its soo ridiculously fucked up, i couldnt comprehend how some sane person could work on such a fucked up movie.
Oh well, to everyone, HAPPY HALLOWEEN. I hope everyone has fun, and make sure that ur mommy or daddy checks ur candy before u eat it, and bring a flashlight.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Aqua Vitae

Hey everyone. Just thought id try and keep up with the whole blogging thing. ::SNEEZE:: SHIT I SNEEZED ALL OVER MY ARM, AND I AINT WEARING A SHIRT!!! ok now thats cleaned up and i can continue. Today i got a good 12hours of sleep, waking up NATURALLY, i love it. I wanted to cut music theory, but adam wouldnt let me. So i go to that stupid ass class, and she hands back our midterms and adam and myself both got FUCKING A- what fucking bullshit. IM pissed. oh well.
Also today i had my latin quiz which i totally bombed, bc when i went to kevins room to study we just gave up and started playing GTA, and that was much cooler than studying.
The best part of my night thusfar was Dinner, i ate for about an hour and a half. It was soo good, i had like 5 servings of pork, then i tested the chicken but didnt like it, and had about 3 servings of ham, and two servings of FRESH STRINGBEANS!!! oh boy was it good. Then i ate 2 pieces of cake, one with a scoop of ice cream, and then had a caramel apple. times are good, times are good. Now i gotta get ready to head out to the bar. so ill type more maybe later, or tommorrow, depending on my condition.

Boy, do i miss the NHL, looks like the NY Rangers wont make playoffs for another year

Hey everyone. Hope that the week is progressing at a good rate, we're more than halfway to the weekend, and with HALLOWEEN being sunday, things are looking up. Today was pretty good, i slept through chemistry, bc i can. and got up at 11am for my bio test. I performed well, getting 9 out of 40 questions incorrect, and most likely will get credit for 2 others so its only gonna be 7X not bad for not studying. Chemistry i cant say the same, i got 10/20 , which in case you arent good at math, isnt good. Luckily we can drop two tests and i guess that will be one.
Ok so a little bit of an update, monday night went well, i believe we played hold'em and adam won, i cam in second. Tuesday was pretty much uneventful, and tonight was the same.
I did watch two movies this week, and both were PHENOMINAL. the first was BOONDOCK SAINTS, which is now one of my favorite movies, it is amazing. I followed this movie like a kid after the ice cream man. It was soo good. I wanted to go out an kill every evil person that taints this earth, while speaking multiple languages, and being hardcore irish.
Today i saw A BRONX TALE. Which is an excellent movie. I really liked the whole, old-school new york city deal. Well, if u have any movie suggestions for movies, lemme know, ill watch them.
Oh and today the Red Sox won the World Series. oh well, baseball isnt as good as hockey.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Weekend is over, bring on the tests

Yo everyone, went home this weekend and it seemed that everything that i wanted to do didnt want to work out. On friday i come home, no real problems 'cept i needed to pay a ticket for $155 which totally sucks, I had to get my Brake pads and my fucking Rotors, replaced. so that prevented me from attending Drama Rehearsal. On top of that I'm coming down with a cold which makes me feel/look like shit. Positive of the night is that i went over to Johnny Mac's and played Taboo. It was madd fun, but Adam and Steve won, it seemed that every card that they got could be related to movie titles, hmmm Maybe adam has been practicing his cheater way of dealing, at taboo. j/k. So anyway sat. after going to bed at 2:30am, i wake up at 5:00am and pick up liz at 6am to take her to Perkins Memorial Drive, to see the Sunrise, and get there to find the gate across the road. So that was the second time that i was pissed at NYS, in two days, the first being the ticket. Anyway, we ended up going to jones point, and then realized we still wouldnt be able to see it, so we drove around 7 lakes Dr. for a little. I then went up to my Grandma's house to nap. Then i had to go to my church to do work for the dinner my church was holding. And My grandpa gave me $100, bc he's gangsta. so i go to my car, go home, and shower. I change my pants and put all the items that were in my pockets into my new pockets and realize that the money that i had was no longer present. so i frantically seach my house, my car, and outside of my car, then realize that it must have come out of my pocket when i took out my keys. I speed back to my chuch and search where i was parked, and then went inside to ask if anyone had found money outside. Turns out that a lady did, but she had left, but let some people know that she found money if someone was looking for it. which was somewhat of a relief, but i was still pissed at myself. Bc i was an asshole and didnt put the $ in my wallet.
So i went back on my schedule to pick up Liz and Alana, to go to forest of fear. So i drive up to Tuxedo, and go to Sterling Forest only to find that both of the lots were full and that they werent accepting any more people. which totally sucked.... so i was still pissed at myself, so i wasnt able to be scared, so i did the scaring. I drove home on 7 Lakes Dr. i was gonna tell a scary story but Liz almost killed me, I also turned off my headlights every now and again, just for effect, often slowed down, and one time i down shifted (yes i do have an automatic, but i put it in 2 and then 1) and acted like i was having engine problems. Liz almost ripped my sweatshirt and my arm off. We finished off the night, watching Napolean Dynamite on my comp.
Sunday- I picked up Liz, who attended Sunday school and church with me, bc of a trip immediately following it to a Maize Maze, which is a big maze in a corn field, which is located about 30 Min north of albany. And we rode with Jay, my cousin. But MY FUCKING MOM, let scott go with us in Jay's car, when she had plenty of room for him in her car, bc she fucking hates me and wants to make my life a living hell, bc if she doesnt then that would mean that she likes me, which she doesnt. So the ride up was almost unbearible. But as soon as we got there things looked up, the maze was pretty cool and then afterwards there were different activities, like this big hampster wheel thing that liz and myself went in, and then i saw they had this laso thing set up, so i tested my skills, and im a regular ole' cowboy. Then went to dinner at Red Robbin, which has the best burgers in the world. Then i had to say goodbye to Liz :'( which was the low point of my weekend. Now im back at school have a chem test tommorrow, a midterm in music theory on tues, and a bio test wed. soo looks like this week is gonna suck. Until thurs. 'night

Friday, October 22, 2004

Man, what the fuck am i doing up this late?

Boy oh boy, i cant sleep at all. I'M SOO EXCITED FOR, WELL TODAY!!!! I'm leaving for home in less than 9 hours. How can i be expected to sleep? Chris came in, i took cough medicine, some guy down my hall just woke up from a nap, he went to bed at 1pm and woke up at 1am. LOL and i thought i was in bad shape. Although i did tell myself i was gonna go to bed b4 2:00am and its now after 4am and i've attempted to sleep but it doesnt work. i think my bed is broken. thats it ill blame it on something other than myself. Chris is sooo blazed, its funny, he's asking me about how i sleep with my music, and asking me different situations and if then i would listen to music when i went to bed. oh well time to be an insomniac

There is a fire burning, and all the water in the world couldn't put it out

Hey everyone. Today is friday, in less than 12 hours i will be departing for home. I hope that everyone has had an eventful and fun-filled week as it now comes to a close. Now i know that there are many seniors who are very stressed out right now; with the burdens of college applications, scholarships, and the pressure that is put on them by there parents. I would like to dedicate this post to them, in particular, one of my best friends, JOEFI.

Ok well I'll start off by saying this: Take a minute and relax, bc although u think that u might not have the time to, u do. If you have not already writen a college essay, ur first step would be to gather up ur ideas and write on a topic that is truly meaningful to you, not something empty, bc it will show in ur writing. I, for example, wrote my essay that i used for all my schools, on North Rockland's very own, Mr. Roth and how he influenced me and i really put my emotions into my writing. If you have already done an essay, odds are that u can use it for all of ur college applications. When u've done that ur over half-way done. Fill out all forms completely, including ur dob and ssn.

Now for the mental prep: Joefi. You are freaking out man. Honestly, calm down, ur very worrisome. I know that ur scared and everything, but its not as big of a transition as you think. Yeah there are all different classes, people *(think of everyone as a potential friend), and no parents [which means no home cooked meals either-only downside]
As for losing everyone around you, although its easy for me to say, seeing as how two of my best friends and about 7 other people from home are up here, you arent gonna lose them. Joe, We will be friends forever, everyone thats an OG will stay one. No exceptions!!!! So dont worry about that. And you're a great guy, who's very likeable, so i dont think that you need to worry about not being able to make friends. Also you have a very good work ethic and social skills, the real world is looking for people like you. You have tons of potential that hasnt even been reached yet, like the tip of the iceberg. I love you like a brother, man. So just take a deep breath and let things happen, and more often than not; you will like the results. 'Night

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Next Night, Yanks lose, girls lose their shirts

OMG TONIGHT WAS INSANE!!! I knew that tonight was gonna yeild another riot, but i wasnt prepared for what happened tonight. It started out the same way as yesterday, with yelling and screaming and the gathering of people. But then it went completely CRAZY!!! Instead of being an angry mob, they people were united under one goal: BOOBIES!!! Girls went on top of peoples shoulders and then they lifted up their shirts. It was happening left and right, and then people started crowd surfing. Including [SMUT]'s very own Andrew Kimbark!!! The craziest crowd surfer was SCARECROW KID. He was getting dropped everytime that he got put up, and i mean he fell Hard. Some black people were purposely pulling people down too, which i thought wasnt cool, bc u can get hurt if u dont land right. Boy it was crazy, there was a fight bc some guy got hit in the face with a lit cigarette, there were several mosh pit sessions, and it just resulted in all out craziness.

Today was mostly uneventful otherwise, i slept most of the day, due to my irregular sleeping habits here at school. Maybe ill go to bed b4 4am today, maybe not. Goodnight.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Riots, and Tigers, and Bears OH MY!!!

So as most of you know, the yankees and the red sox are now 3-3 and when the last strikeout occured, there was all out hell here. There was at first just a bunch of yelling outside, and it got progressively louder. So of course i have to go check it out. So i go outside with chris and there is about 600 people in front of the tower, divided into Red Sox and Yankees and then there were just people like myself who stood neutral outside of the middle ring. It was crazy, people started throwing water from the windows in the tower, Adam put on his Batman top and his rollerblades and went riding around. It was cool.
Today in Music theory, the teacher transcribed 2 of the Billy Joel pieces adam and myself requested and she played my FAVORITE SONG "LULLABYE" which is just a beautiful song, and about half of the class had never even heard of it before, bc they are uncultured filth. It sickens me that some of the people that go here attend school where i do. Actually im upset that they even exist.
{edit} New Club, for people who like pumpkins It doesnt matter if u just barely like them or dont even know what they are, we are accepting all races, ages, genders, and political parties, except communists. I HATE COMMUNISTS. Goddamn commies ruined my life. Once when i was 6 years old the communists were handing out their stupid fucking sickels and of them scratched my arm. Assholes, i hate them. and that really didnt happen, or did it?
well all u need to know is that i hate communists, so if ur a communist, dont talk to me. bc i have the uncanny ability to sniff out a commie from 25 miles away. I already cleared up The albany area, so dont come within range of me. And communism is actually an economic system, not a government. I hate fascists, dictators, and all totalitarian governments.

This weekend i convinced Liz's little brother that i was 50% Cherokee Indian. I told him that i got the name "Broken Arrow" when i was 12, and went out to an indian reservation in OH where the tribe from which my mother's family is descendant. ANd i told him i spent 3-4 weeks out there to learn how to hunt, fish, set snares and traps and learn how to be a man. It was soo funny bc i started saying it so I almost believed it. I'm nice like that, dont fuck with me or ill scalp you. purrr im tired. night.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tears are burning my roots which stem from anger

So right now, IM FUCKING PISSED!!! I'm such a fucking asshole. I go and do all my bio lab shit except my lab paper, which is due today at 8:45am, so i go online on MY computer, to look up on eres what shit i gotta do. MY computer wont let me go there, so i use chris's computer. So i go to the site, and HIS computer wont let me do it either. SO starting there im livid, and i yell at adam to go to his house so i can use his computer. So i finally get here, which is where i am now, bc i cant do the fucking work bc i didnt get the data paper when we were in class. So now im back at my computer bc of a fruitless venture to attempt doing work. I AM SOOOOOOOO PISSED. I came back and threw my planner, then did push-ups (on suggestion from chris) and i feel slightly more relaxed and a little itchy. Chris is so blazed right now, and he walked to and fro between here and state quad to smoke in his bathrobe. LOL what a character. Anyway i have to wake up in 5 hrs. so maybe ill post later, if i still am in school. night

Monday, October 18, 2004

If you dig a little deeper you can eat my soul

Hey there everyone. Just getting back to school, settling in after a game of poker. This weekend, to paraphrase was AWESOME. Friday, although for only a few hours i got to see my lovely LIZ, and then afterwards chilled at my boy, Joefi's house. We watched Star Wars "Return of the Jedi" with Nici Pags, Adam, and Veronica. Then there was an appearance at the end of the night by noneother than Matty K. [for those of u who dont know, the k stands for awesome] I was then awarded my $10 by Matt, bc he is a man of his word. Thanks Matt. Then saturday, I hope everyone who had to take the PSATs performed well, I went up to Tuxedo to attempt to pay my ticket. I go all the fuck the way up there and find out that the fucking court is closed. So I decide to drive home, go back and then pick up Liz. WE go to the mall to see "Team America" only to get stopped by the ticket ripper who looks like a crack addict, and since Liz didnt have ID we werent allowed to see it. WHich is total bullshit. I really dont like that guy at loews, he's a dickhead.
ANyhow we also went up to Perkins Memorial Drive which was beautiful, with the trees all changing colors and everything. I had a post under this same title on Friday but it didnt publish, but on a good note I GET WIRELESS CONNECTION in my room at home. So needless to say i sat in my bed this morning just checking over everything.
THanks again to Stephen Jordan for coming up on thursday and taking us home on Friday, and another thanks for Chris and Bob, for the return trip today. Thursday night was fun and Steve went out to the bar with Me, KEvin, Andrew and a few other peps from NoRock. Tres fun $10 all you can drink. AS you can probably tell by my last post, i was hammered. It was loads of fun tho, and i slept most of friday, and i sure as hell, DIDNT go to class. Had an enjoyable trip home on friday. and then today on the way up to school today, we remembered that my comp. has movies on it and watched a few things b4 watching "TROY" and while we were watching the battle scenes, for about 5 tracks of The Matrix reloaded soundtrack which Chris was playing in the car, fit in Perfectly. I mean Dramatic pauses, character entrances and everything. It blew my mind. Right now im just rambling. Ok Goodnight

Friday, October 15, 2004

back from the bar

Hey everyone!!! im just returning from the bar with STEPHEN JORDAN, and chris, andrew, kevin, and a bunch of albany peps. The reason i capitalized steve's name is that he is visiting from Rutgers, Its awesome, i cant wait to wake up tommorrow, if i do. lol. don tlisten to me il happered. lol have fun

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dick Cheney's real name is Sarah Lambert

well, my first attempt to write a post for today was squashed when after i had a pretty lengthy entry that was killed when the post page couldnt be displayed, which is bullshit.
Ok well here it goes to the best to my recollection:
Hey there, Just got back from a game of Texas Hold'em, Andrew won and i took 2nd, i won last night, we were using Kevin's Spankin New CHip Set, which is SWEET. Anyway this morning i started off with a Bio lab practical at 8:45, so i show up, and there is a note on the door saying that the practical will start at 9:30 so i sat there and studied with about 15 other people sitting in the hallway, bc i knew that if i was to go back to my room i would not have gotten up for my lab test.
IN reading the NY Times this morning, i noticed the picture on the front page was of kids from queens at none other than Hessian Lake, in Bear Mtn. Now for a paper that is printed around the world you would think that on the front section would be a picture of bombings, or natural disasters or of a political means---omg Zorak is at my window--weird- so i was thinking, news must be slow due to colombus day being yesterday. Oh well.
In sadder news Christopher Reeves died, and in an earlier interview, he said that he initially contemplated suicide when the accident happened. And this brought me to a conversation that i had with adam a little while ago, and how we would rather be dead then paralyzed, and before reading the rest I thought that if i was him, i would have blinked as hard as possible to completely severe what was left of my spinal column. But after reading what changed his mind, my mind was changed as well. He said that after seeing his family, he decided that he had a reason to live. And it sorta shocked me, i mean he was SUPERMAN. He was 6'4" with an athletic build, had it all, and then the worst happened and he decided to stick with it because of the people he cared for.
The more I thought about it the more i understood. The people that are the closest would definately influence me and help me do the best with what i had in particular Liz and my OG's, as well as my grandparents. Im not usually affected by what happens to celebraties but for some reason this did something. IT changed my mind. well goodnight everyone.

There is no remedy for love but to love more.
Henry David Thoreau, Journal, July 25, 1839US Transcendentalist author (1817 - 1862)
I love you Liz, happy 7 months.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Alas, there is a moth in my eye

Hey there everyone. Although it hasnt been 24 hrs, it's a new day. Today cant be worse than yesterday. Everything just sucked, as you can read. Then i ate dinner by myself and GUESSS WHAT?????? I FOUND OUT SOMETHING ABOUT MY S.A. ZORAK, HE'S GAY!!! I never knew, it was soo weird, which makes him following me and chris around even more frightening. But i guess i sorta knew, my gay-dar went off when he was around, he just has that vibe. Right now im watching the Third party candidate debate which is being held at Cornell, I've Never heard of these people before: Michael Peroutka- Constitution party candidate, Walt Brown-Socialist party, David Cobb- Green Party, and Micheal Badnarik- Libertarian party. WTF!!! I was surprised that there wasnt an appearance by the communist party. I'm gonna run for president in 2008, even though im a registered democrat, i will run for a party that i have yet to name, but it will represent the younger voters and----what the fuck am i saying, im too lazy to do that. OH well. Vincent for President in '08!!!

P.S. THere was a guy on STate Quad who was saran wrapped to a lightpost, jolly good fun.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

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First Entry, first tears

Boy. My parents are pissed at me. Not that they like me all too much to begin with, but now i am really on the shit list. Lemme explain: this weekend is family weekend here at UAlbany. My parents decided that it would be a good gesture to attend. My mom even took a flight up here since she had just been attending a conference in Chicago for the past week, but i really fucked things up. They had expected me to make plans for this weekend, so i got them tix to the football game, but while they were there I attended my rugby match.

I was originally planning on staying with them at their hotel, but since they couldnt get a cott for my little brother, i decided that it would be better for me to stay back in my room at school, probably my biggest mistake. They called at about 9:30 asking what i needed from the store, i told them what i wanted and she said ok, and that they were going to be checking out today. So since i dont get service anywhere else in my room i moved my phone to my window sill and not realizing it, left it on vibrate. Then i went back to bed. Apparently my parents tried calling me 8 times after that and even came to my room, knocked on my door and called through my window, but were unable to wake me. So at 2:00pm i woke up and checked my phone, got dressed and called them. and of course i find out all the stuff that had happened. My mom answered the phone "I shouldnt even talk to you" and when i checked my voicemails she stated in one of them that "You did a piss-poor job of planning" so during the phone conversation i find out that they had already left and were halfway home, WITH ALL THE SHIT THAT I HAD ASKED THEM TO GET ME IN THE CAR!!!
looks like no christmas presents for mark :(